Empire Company Signs 5 New Artists

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Publié le 28 Aug 2021 / Dans Film et animation

On this week of the Just My Opinion Podcast, we talked about the five new artists signed by the empire label and what this means to their career and the entertainment industry in general.
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On this podcast, we talk about a range of topics.
Topics in the entertainment industry, topics affecting our community (Cameroon) and the international community.
We share our opinions ;
On ways to make things better.
Things we believe are holding us back and why we find it hard to make the necessary changes.
Thanks to modern-day technology, we are not limited from coming together to make this podcast a reality by distance.
On one end of the line we have the Ambazador Ambazador calling in from Buea and on the other end is Etah, talking from Yaounde.
We share our thoughts in an attempt to start up the most needed conversation.
We are really curious to know what you think, so please share in the comment below.
Also, let us know what you will like us to talk about next.
Contact Us: chakaratv237@gmail.com

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