How To Make Eru/ Comment faire du Eru/ Okazi Soup

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Publié le 30 Aug 2021 / Dans Gaming

Hello guy and welcome back to my channel. Today i am making the special traditional meal called Eru in Cameroon, also called in nigeria Okazi, Afang or Callaba soup.

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Water leaf or Spinach - 5lb
Eru - 100gr
Salt (to taste)
Cube (optional)
Dry shrimp - 3 cups
Palm oil - (to taste)
Vegetable oil- (optional)
Dry fish - (to taste)
Beef - (to taste)
Kanda (cow skin) - (to taste)
Turkey - (optional)

Soap the eru for at least 8 hours to soften it (if the eru is not fresh)
In a pot, cook the cow skin and turkey
Pour vegetable oil into a pot and add the cooked turkey and the fresh meat, season with salt and let cook for 7 minutes.
Add spinach stir and bring into a boil until cooked
Wash and add the eru into the spinach and let cook for 7 minutes
Add hot pepper, dry fish and cooked cow skin. Season with salt, cube and palm oil to taste. Stirr and let cook on low heat for 5 minute.
Add dry shrimp and let cook for 5 more minutes.

Making of gary
In a pot bring water to boil
Reduce water level once boiled and add gary
Stir gary until getting a dough like texture
Wrap and store to be eaten with the eru

Serve eru with gary hot.

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